Awning Windows Have Great Views with Ventilation

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Awning windows are special windows that are hinged at the top rather than at the side or base. They are usually installed in specific areas of the home to improve ventilation and provide great external views. These windows are the best option when you have to provide ventilation in places that are difficult to reach. To help you understand why you need this type of window in your home in St. Louis or Florissant, here is an outline of the benefits they provide.

Improved Ventilation

Installing awning windows is a great way to improve the ventilation in your home. In old homes in the city of St. Louis, we are helping discerning homeowners to install awning windows in place of old fixed windows. We are doing this because these homeowners have discovered that it is beneficial to replace some of the fixed windows with awning windows. The new windows will provide the same scenic exterior views and also increase the amount of fresh air coming into the home.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

Due to their peculiar design and mode of operation, awning windows provide better security than other non-fixed windows. Since they open at the base by just a few inches, they are more difficult to break into than casement or sliding windows. So you can install them with peace of mind. To improve the privacy of your home, we also offer grilles and other features that will make it difficult for intruders to see what is happening inside the home.

Unique Style and Elegance

Our awning windows come in various styles and designs that can be used to transform the external and interior look of your home. At Ridge Top Exteriors, we always undertake a careful on-site inspection of your home before we recommend the best place to install an awning window that will provide both aesthetic and functional benefits to your home.

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Design Compatibility

Awning windows can be installed on virtually all architectural designs but they work best on traditional home designs and in places that are difficult to reach. That is why they fit perfectly into structures like cottage homes, farmhouses, and Victorian homes. They may also be installed in the basement of a home, in game rooms, and at the upper part of a home with a high ceiling.

Discover More About Awning Windows

To learn more about the benefits of these windows and how to make the best use of them in your home in St. Louis or Florissant, contact us today at Ridge Top Exteriors. Give us a call now or contact us by email to find out more about our awning window supply and installation service. We are the leading provider of professional window installation services in St. Louis, Florissant and surrounding areas.