Chimney Flashing Repair & Installation
St. Louis and surrounding Cities

Our process for chimney flashing repair begins by installing a new GAF WeatherWatch ice and water layer up the sides of the chimney and under the roof shingles. After the barrier material is in place, we install new step flashing at the bottom low point of the chimney. Continuing up the roof slope alongside the chimney we then slip in the new step metal between every shingle course. On top of the step flashing we add counter flashing. The counter flashing is designed to protect the top of the step flashing to keep it water tight. Finally we seal off the joint between the counter sheet metal and the brick chimney with tri-polymer sealant. These flashing specifics exceed industry standards to ensure that the chimney/roof bond (a common trouble area) remains leak-proof for the life of the roof structure. In the event that your chimney flashing has degraded from climate changes, corrosion, or it’s missing altogether; then it’s time to have it checked to avoid potential problems to your roofing system.

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chimney flashing repair illustration