Emergency Roof Repair St Louis, Missouri

tarped roof emergency repair st. louis
Your roof may require emergency roofing service after a major storm or sudden unexpected damage. This may cause your building to be exposed to rain, snow, and the harsh impact of the elements. Thus, you will need to get in touch immediately with a professional roofer that provides excellent emergency roof repair service in St Louis, MO. Our team of roofing specialist is available 24 hours a day to help you carry out roof leak emergency repairs that will prevent further damage to your property. Call our emergency line now to request an on-site assessment of the damage.

The Major Causes of Sudden Damage and Emergency Roofing Repairs

emergency roof repair service st. louis Mother Nature and man-made situations can lead to sudden damage of your roof. Mother Nature can bring about wind storms, with a speed of over 50 mph, which can easily tear off many roof shingles at once. Or hailstorms with large ice stones pounding away the protective granulars of your shingles. In addition, your roof may be adversely affected by fire, lightning, fallen tree limbs, or animal infestation. These events are beyond your control and they can easily lead to an emergency situation.

However, your roof could also experience sudden damage due to prolonged neglect, wrong installation procedures, irregular maintenance, or worn out components. Damage from these causes does not have to occur at all. One of the best ways to avoid such damage is to use our professional roof inspection service and ensure that your entire roof is checked regularly. Nevertheless, we are fully prepared to meet all of your emergency roof repair needs whether they are caused by Mother Nature or they are influenced by poor roof maintenance.

Things to Remember When Faced With A Roofing Emergency

Don’t give in to panic; instead, you should focus on the safety of lives and property. Do a walk around the building both indoors and outdoors to look for obvious signs of damage. Examine the interior part of the ceiling. Move as many items as possible from the areas where water could seep in through the ceiling or walls. Then cover the ceiling in those places and other surrounding rooms with thick plastic sheets. Take a visual tour of the exterior and take pictures of the damaged sections but do not attempt to repair the roof by yourself. Climbing up to a damaged roof is extremely hazardous and it could cause fatal injuries. skylight leak repair st louis mo

Call our 24/7 emergency roof repair line (314) 400-7713

Give us an overview of your home’s storm damage, we’ll be able to guide you on what to do next until one of our guys arrives at your home. Our approach to emergency roof repair in St. Louis and nearby Illinois cities is unique because our roofers are licensed, professional, courteous, diligent, and passionate about completing your job properly and on time. After the initial tarping of your roof, we take time to take document any damage your roof has sustained then we’ll give you a written estimate for the repairs. We want to ensure that your money is spent wisely and we do a job that will last for years to come. All the roof projects (both repairs and re-roofing) that we undertake are backed by service warranties and we don’t leave dirt, debris, broken shingles, nails, wood, or asphalt dust behind in your yard.