Entry Doors Selection and Professional Installation

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Well designed entry doors should be attractive, secure and energy-efficient. Thus, it is vital to select a door that fits your home design perfectly and have it installed by a qualified professional. That is why at Ridge Top Exteriors, we provide professional entry door installation and replacement service to meet the needs of homeowners in St. Louis and Florissant. Here are some of the main reasons why our clients keep recommending our service.

An Abundance of Door Choices

At Ridge Top Exteriors, we bring together the very best entry door designs and models for our clients. With our expertise and experience, we make it easy for you to select the most appropriate door for your home design and architectural plan. Whether you want a conventional wood door, a door made of steel, or a door made with synthetic materials like vinyl and fiberglass, we will satisfy your requirements.

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Budget-friendly Hardware Options

We cater to all segments of the property market in St. Louis and Florissant. So we supply and install entry doors for upscale luxurious homes as well as condos and other small apartments. We install doors that can suit almost any home designer’s or architect’s specification at affordable and competitive pricing.

Reputable Door Brands

Ridge Top Exteriors is committed to providing high quality entry doors for homeowners. So we supply doors that are manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards by BHI. Our premium grade doors come with long term warranties and they can withstand harsh weather conditions including heavy rainfall, windstorms, extreme temperatures and sunlight.

Energy-Efficient Installation

We provide energy efficient doors that cut off the transfer of heat or cold from the outdoors into the home. When you install this type of thermally insulated door, it will enable you to reduce the cost of cooling or heating your home. Thus, you will enjoy savings on your energy bills and recover the cost of purchasing and installing your entry door after some years.

Elegant Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass entry doors offer numerous advantages over conventional wood or steel doors. These modern doors can be made to look like wood doors with natural grain texture of oak, walnut and cherry imprinted on them. Fiberglass doors are also energy-efficient. They do not permit condensation or transfer of heat or cold. In addition, they are resistant to dents and scratches and they require very little cleaning and maintenance.

Excellent Door Replacement Service

The demand for professional door replacement service has risen among homeowners and residents of St. Louis and Florissant. That is why we have trained all the members of our team to provide exceptional service for anyone who wants to replace their entry door with a more attractive, secure, and durable one. We use the latest tools and equipment to carry out the replacement and we do a site inspection to get accurate measurements before we return to install the new door.

Contact Us Now to Discuss Your Needs. We are fully prepared to provide a free consultation to help you choose the best entry door for your home. You can give us a call during our normal business hours and we will discuss your options and provide expert advice on installation and replacement of your entry door. Ridge Top Exteriors provides the most customer-friendly door installation service for homeowners in St. Louis, Florissant and nearby Missouri and Illinois cities.