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LP Smartside Home ExteriorLP SmartSide Series Panel with SmartFinish is giving homeowners the traditional look of real wood with the alternative of a stronger, higher performance, engineered wood product keeping homes protected against weather conditions and termite infestation.

LP SmartSide paneling and trim has several advantages and benefits to traditional wood, vinyl, and fiber cement. This technological advanced siding allows for a beautiful, stronger, longer lasting, and easier installation process compared to the other alternatives. SmartSide is a smarter choice by how it is made, protects, looks, and lasts. This smart and sustainable engineered wood paneling and trim is made with advanced binders, zinc borate, waxes, and a resin-saturated overlay. These materials provide incredible strength and the resistance to breakage or damage to the product comes from the industrial grade binders and resins making LP SmartSide siding and trim impenetrable from flying debris such as hail, large lawn debris, and golf balls. LP Smartside waxes zinc borate and bindersZinc borate is used to treat the engineered wood preventing it from becoming plagued with termites or fungal decay. Waxes used are water-resistant coatings on each strand of wood warding off the harshest of rain and humidity. The last layer of protection involves the resin-saturated overlay. High quality resin is used and is comparative to marine grain resin similar to what wood boats are made of.

This resin saturated overlay supplies an extra barrier to keep moisture out and gives a strong base for the color of paint of your choosing.

Untreated Wood vs. LP SmartsideNot only; is every step of manufacturing this product smart, it additionally has less of an environmental impact. LP SmartSide products are made from an engineered wood substrate. Being SFI® certified means it is made from a certified forest management procurement system. Made from wood coming from forests treated with care.

LP SmartSide products are a safer alternative meaning it does not contain silica dust as fiber cement products do allowing a safer installation process. The engineering process goes even further to make this an incredible product. LP SmartSide is designed to allow for an efficient and a more accurate installation process. Due to the bevel on top of the siding at a 45 degree angle and a vinyl strip behind each piece allows for siding to lock into place every single time on every single piece of siding creating nice straight lines and the perfect reveal. Other siding alternatives force installers to find the proper paint to hide the head of the nails. Not necessary with the LP SmartSide Series. An added nailing line is designed to ensure accurate positioning made for installers to use as a nail guide. No ugly pin nailing is ever necessary. This design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but keeps the siding locked and secured in place taking away from a lot of human error. Cedar grain LP SmartsideLP SmartSide has the look of the deeper cedar grain texture that customers are looking for and with Wausau Diamond Coat finishing offers a variety of colors to choose from. Even if you do not find the color you are looking for, Wausau can create a custom paint just for you. All paint is a baked on finish backed by a no fade 30 year warranty.

The finishes are maintenance free and can be repainted if a homeowner ever wants to change the color.

LP Smartside has many colors to choose from
Each process is carefully designed and thoroughly tested to ensure an advanced durable product. The LP SmartSide Series has been tested underneath some of the harshest conditions in the United States including Hawaii with the moistest of climates and the northern states with the strongest of hail storms and winter freezes. No moisture claim has ever been submitted.

LP SmartSide Series paneling and trim is a technologically advanced product made to protect with its extra strength production, made to be maintenance free, and beautify your home for years to come.