Seal-A-Ridge: Roof Cap Shingles

seal a ridge st louis roofer grand sequoiaSeal-A-Ridge is a specially designed roof cap shingle manufactured to protect the ridge of a roofing system. This pre-bent ridge cap shingle ensures that the roof has the most reliable protection at the hips and ridges – the portions of the roof with the highest amount of stress. With the reduced labor requirement and higher durability, Seal-A-Ridge provides a better alternative to cutting strip shingles for your ridge cap. It is an essential part of the Lifetime Roofing System created by GAF and it has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal.

Uses of Seal-A-Ridge

Seal-A-Ridge can be used in all shingle-based roofs with sloping profiles in both residential and commercial buildings. It is suitable for roofs that need a perfect finishing touch. When superior ridge protection is required, Seal-A-Ridge is the roofing professional’s best choice. The standard version of this protective ridge cap, with a fiberglass asphalt design, is compatible with various roof shingles. For greater impact resistance, roofers use the Seal-A-Ridge IR which is a combination of the standard fiberglass asphalt design and a proprietary FLX formula.

Why Seal-A-Ridge is Preferred to Standard Roof Shingles

This protective ridge cap is recommended by both professionals and home owners because of its strong adhesion, durability, and resistance to wear. Here is a brief summary of the main reasons why Seal-A-Ridge remains the best choice for discerning homeowners and roofers.

Better Adhesion

Seal-A-Ridge stays in place during wind or rain storms. It has a Dura Grip self sealing adhesive which is added at the factory to seal each ridge cap tightly and cut out the risk of blow-off. This adhesive is specially designed to create a bond with the roof shingles below the ridge cap. In addition, the protective ridge cap has a thicker section meant for nailing. This helps to stop the occurrence of tearing close to the nail holes.

Resistance to Wear

seal a ridge durable ridge caps The Micro Weave Core technology used in the production of the Seal-A-Ridge cap gives exceptional strength and resistance to wear, especially cracking. Standard shingles do not last as long because they are thinner. Hence, they can tear or crack when they are folded over the ridge. On the other hand, the protective ridge cap is thicker and it comes pre-bent from the factory, so the risk of cracking is greatly reduced.

Beautiful Appearance

This ridge cap is available in virtually all the colors that are used to make roof shingles. That means that it is possible to buy a ridge cap that will fit the rest of the field shingles perfectly. However, other colors may be used to create a unique appearance on the roof. Also, the machine-cut design provides a uniform look which is more aesthetically appealing than using the manually cut shingles.

Efficient Installation

Beginning with time savings, roofers enjoy several benefits when they install the Seal-A-Ridge roof cap on their clients’ roofs. The pre-scored design removes the need to engage in tedious or time-consuming cutting of shingle strips. In most cases, very little preparation is required to complete the ridge or hip of the roof. There is no need to add adhesive to cut strips. Thus, the roofing job can be carried out at a faster pace and delivered to the client without any delay.


Seal-A-Ridge is one of the top quality roofing products from GAF. It provides excellent protection, sealing and uniformity on the ridge of the roof. It also has extra strength and crack resistance. When compared to using cut strip shingles, it permits very fast installation and ensures that the beauty of the roof cap remains intact regardless of the weather condition. The ridge of the roof will remain straight, attractive and free of unsightly algae growth for many years.