Roof Replacement Process | Florissant, MO.

Roof Replacement Process

At Ridge Top Exteriors in Florissant/St.Louis when we install a replacement roof, we don’t just put in new shingles. We install a complete roof replacement system that will protect your home for decades.

Our process begins with special care of tearing off all of your old roofing then inspecting it for damage.

Milwaukee roof tear-off Replacement wood installed on roofing deck

Any necessary repairs will be made by replacing the wood on the roofing deck to prepare it for the underlayments.

We then install GAF’s WeatherWatch along the eaves of your roof. Our preferred leak barrier is a self-adhering ice and water guard that will helps protect the most vulnerable parts of your roof and prevent leaks from water-damming gutters, wind-driven rain and ice dams that Missouri homes are prone to in the winter.

GAF WeatherWatch and TigerPaw
Next we lay down protection for the roof deck. We often use GAF’s Tiger Paw; a synthetic roofing felt that provides an extra safeguard layer between the roofing deck and shingles. This underlayment is crucial for preventing wind-driven rain from permeating underneath the shingles. This durable underlayment also provides longer lasting protection than other conventional “felts”.

GAF starter strips

After the leak barriers are in place we install shingle starter strips at the eaves of the roof. The starter strips help keep your shingles from blowing off in high winds.

GAF SG Timberline HD Hickory
Our process continues as we install your high quality asphalt shingles that will not only beautify your Missouri home but protect it for years to come. We offer a variety of shingle color choices to complement your taste and the style of your prized asset. For this roof replacement project, the homeowner made a wise and aesthetically pleasing choice with GAF SG Timberline HD (High Definition) in Hickory.

Residential flat roof replacementSome houses have different roof configurations than a simple gable. Ridge Top Exteriors superior experience with projects of every type provides homeowners confidence that their replacement roof will be installed accordingly and correctly.

The following photos show the backside of the home where the slope of the roof is nearly flat. This requires a different underlayment than the front so that the maximum protection can be realized for your flat residential roof area.

The prep process is the same in respect to removing all old roofing and repairing any compromised areas on the raw dry roof deck. Then Liberty SBS Self Adhering base/Ply sheets are installed. This is a long lasting bitumen waterproofing membrane manufactured with a reinforced glass mat specifically to meet industry standards and code for low-slope areas of a roof.

It’s a clean system that is installed without torches, open flames or messy adhesives.

Once the Liberty base layer is down , it’s topped off with its final counter part Liberty Low-Slope Membrane which comes in several blended color options that complement your shingle color. It is rolled down in strips. Because it is self adhesive, it’s much safer to install for the homeowner (no fumes or fire hazardous materials) and safer for our installers and the environment.
GAF Liberty Low Slope protection membrane

The final steps are to cover the peak with the GAF’s Tiger Paw synthetic leak barrier felt, install the shingles and replace the old vents with new evenly spaced slant back vents to allow air to escape the attic.

Roof peak tear off Milwaukee

Finished replacement roof in Milwaukee
Before the sun sets at the end of the day, another pitiful damaged roof has been completely torn off and restored with a roof replacement system of high quality, aesthetically pleasing and affordable. Topped off with an unbeatable warranty.