Ridge Top Exteriors Roofing Estimator

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Our roofing estimators have worked on diverse kinds of insurance repair projects. Some of them come directly from the roofing industry, while others have worked as insurance adjusters.

You can rest assured that they have adequate knowledge and experience.

All our estimators are trained and qualified to help you get the best value possible so you can have enough money to renovate and restore your home. Here are some of the main reasons why you should trust our roofing estimators.


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We can serve as your advocate when the need arises. They have the communication and technical skills required to demonstrate why certain roofing components must be added to a project estimate, especially when the insurer does not think that they are necessary. They will also explain the technical details about your project to you and let you know what you should expect from a licensed and certified contractor. In all cases, they will work with your adjuster to create accurate project estimates for your roofing repairs.

Compliance With Building Codes

We constantly review the latest building codes in line with state and local county laws. We also work in compliance with the requirements of manufacturers of roof shingles and other components. This enables us to avoid missing an important code requirement or adopting a wrong installation procedure. That is why our estimates may sometimes be higher than those of the insurance company.

Precise Roof Measurement

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You can share the project estimate provided by your adjuster with our estimators. Before our estimators arrive at your residence, we would have taken time to take accurate measurements of your building and roof. This helps us to create a more accurate project estimate and avoid the common problem that occurs on emergency roofing repair projects after a storm.

Roofing Project Estimates

The Ridge Top Exteriors rep can help you compare the project estimate provided by the adjuster with the one we offer as a professional roofing contractor. This is vital because both estimates should be close. When you share the information on the statement provided by the adjuster with our estimators, we will help you to know whether the insurance company has provided a fair offer for your roof repairs.

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We will also let you know if the company is offering sufficient funds to cover all the requirements of the current building codes. Bear in mind that some insurance adjusters may be new on the job and may not cover all the building code requirements, thus making their estimate lower than ours. In such cases, we will offer you an estimate as a certified contractor so you can prove your case with the insurance company.

If the project cost estimate provided by the adjuster from the insurance company is close to what our estimators have written, you should be ready to sign our contract. You can simply choose a shingle color and sign our contract proposal. You don’t need to go shopping around for cheaper estimates to favor the insurance company.

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