The Advantages of a Seamless Gutter System

customized seamless gutter

Gutters are a necessary component to keeping a home properly maintained. Seamless gutters are a more effective type of gutter system widely replacing old traditional gutters. The innovative seamless gutter system helps maintain the water flow and debris to move more efficiently and effectively away from the structure of the home preventing costly and unsightly damage. Ridge Top Exteriors of Florissant can help you become more knowledgeable about gutter systems and provide you with a more cost effective approach with a seamless gutter system.

There are several great advantages of a seamless gutter system compared to the traditional gutters. First, seamless gutters have no unnecessary seams. The only seams are at the inside and outside corners. Traditional gutters have several breaks throughout the system where water flow becomes interrupted causing leaks and debris to become wedged throughout the breaks. Seamless gutters reduce the chances of leaks, debris buildup, and gives the home an overall better curb appeal with its seamless, sleek, yet sturdy custom fit design.

corner seamless gutter

With traditional gutter systems, the gutter comes in several different pieces having to be connected together one by one. Breaks in the system lead to structural problems for the home as well for the gutters themselves. With the breaks leading to leaks in the system, these leaks can lead to wood rot and other runoff leaking into the home’s structure. More breaks can additionally leave more room for the gutters to wear and tear more easily, and overtime dislodging from the eaves becoming an ineffective eye sore leaving your home open to unstoppable weather conditions and damage.

built to order seamless gutter

Ridge Top Exteriors come directly to your home for your seamless gutters to be made on site designed with custom measurements specific for your home. Our seamless gutters are made strong and built to last long. Instead of only having the choice of an aluminum gutter, we give you additional options such as copper or galvanized steel. The seamless gutter construction provides extra strength and durability where expansion and contraction from weather conditions, and wind will have little effect on the gutter system. For extra durability, we secure hangers to the side of your home to hold up the seamless gutter system, and we use screws instead of the traditional nails to secure the gutters.

gutter guard with seamless gutter system

Ridge Top Exteriors goes so far as to perfect every detail. We provide you with a variety of colors of seamless gutters and downspouts to match and or coordinate to your home. We even paint your screws to match your hardware. Our baked on enamel will never need to be painted keeping you from unsightly paint chipping and costly repairs. If you are in need of a soffit and fascia system, we have them available to match your seamless gutters, too. What is a soffit and a fascia? The soffit is part of your roof system which provides circulation to your home, and the fascia is the board providing the finishing edge where the gutter is attached to the roof. This system keeps moisture from creating wood rot and any other additional water damage from the home.

We believe in the best service. Ridge Top Exteriors has been in the gutter installation business for over 30 years. We are known for our honesty. Our goal is to keep our clients knowledgeable and informed. We want to help our customers get the best value for their money without unnecessary additional expenditures. Ridge Top Exteriors gutters are also guaranteed. The materials we use are warranted up to 20 years, and our workmanship is warranted to 5 years.

Please come visit us today, to compare our seamless gutters to traditional gutters. We are here to help you make an educated decision about the options that are best for you and your home. Ridge Top Exteriors is locate in Florissant, MO. serving all of St. Louis and nearby Missouri and Illinois cities.