Florissant/St. Louis Shingle Replacement

Roof shingles are roofing tiles that overlap or interlock in a way that causes water to flow off your roof. They create a stable waterproof covering that adds beauty and elegance to the design of your home.

What is the Purpose and Benefits of Roof Shingles?

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Properly installed roofing shingles provide a watertight wind-resistant seal which protects your roof and even the entire home from environmental damage. Currently, shingles are available in various materials including slate, clay, wood, metal or asphalt. All shingles, regardless of their material, can protect your home well. However, some shingles perform better than others in some climates. For instance, asphalt is a great choice for all weather conditions because it is durable and relatively inexpensive. Here at Ridge Top Exteriors we install the highest quality shingles on the market manufactured by GAF.

In addition to protection, roof shingles can also be used as external decorative elements for your home. Asphalt shingles come in numerous colors and designs in order to match the tastes of most homeowners. For instance, you can choose either flat, curved, or corrugated designs. Also, shingles can be used to create a special impression or flair for your home.

Shingles can also be used to make your home more energy efficient. For example, using light colored shingles can help to reflect light and heat from the sun in hot tropical climates. Thus, you can reduce the costs of cooling your home. Similarly, in a colder climate, a dark colored roof will help to retain heat and reduce the cost of heating the home.

Roof Shingle Maintenance

Roof shingles will require maintenance and repair during their useful lifespan. Due to the exposure to the elements, and various types of droppings from animals and trees, your roof will require periodic inspection by a professional roofer. During this inspection, damaged shingles will be identified and those that are raised up and require fastening or re-alignment will be fixed. Any growth of moss will also be removed to prevent it from destroying the shingles. Prompt roof shingle repair is very important because it will prevent major damage to other parts of your roof. You will also avoid any unnecessary leaks, mold growth and subsequent damage to your property.

When to Replace Roofing Shingles


Roofing shingles will need to be replaced once they can no longer perform their functions effectively. This usually occurs when there is obvious physical damage, when they are causing leaks, or when you want to beautify your home with a roof of a different color or material. If your yard has tall trees that are close to your house, some branches could fall on your roof and damage your shingles. Roof shingle replacement is necessary when you discover that they are worn out, ripped, dented, torn, punctured, or when they have lost a lot of granules. All damaged roof shingles require prompt attention and should be replaced by a competent roofing specialist immediately they are noticed.

Roof shingles are one of the most important components on any roof. Therefore their maintenance and repair must be a top priority. Through periodic roof inspection, torn or worn out shingles will be identified quickly and replaced to prevent further damage.