Key Benefits of Installing Sliding Windows in Your St. Louis Home

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Slider windows offer homeowners a wide range of benefits. Due to their simple operation, easy maintenance, space savings and excellent air circulation, these windows are used in virtually all types of home designs. Here are some of the key benefits that you can derive from installing sliding windows in your home.

Compatible With Many Home Designs

Slider windows are very versatile. They fit into diverse kinds of homes and interior designs. Whether the design is modern, contemporary, vintage, or minimalist, these windows will add value and beauty to it. Sliders are great space savers; they are the best choice for rooms that are facing walkways or patios. Sliding windows allow a large amount of natural light to come into the room, so they can create an impression of a larger space when they are properly positioned. No matter how big or small the window space is, you can get a custom or standard size that will fit in perfectly.

Amazingly Simple Operation

Sliders have a simple design and mechanism that make them very easy to use. If you need a window design that requires very little effort to open and close, you should opt for sliders. Sliders don’t have cranks or levers that require exertion of effort and special techniques to operate. These windows are also easy to maintain. To clean the dust or fingerprints on your window, you only need a good glass cleaning solution and a piece of lint-free cloth.vinyl sliding windows st louis

Good Ventilation

When you have restricted space to put a window or you can only place one window in the room, installing a slider will provide excellent air circulation. Additionally, when the window space is facing a walkway, you will not be able to use a double-hung or casement window that will stick out of the windows space. In such cases, a slider will be the best alternative. It will offer you unobstructed flow of cool air.

Splendid Natural Outdoor Views

To enjoy refreshing views of your garden, or neighborhood landscape, you should use slider windows. These windows can be installed with a single pane, double or triple pane. You can also combine sliders with fixed picture windows that will provide stunning outdoor views. Thus, sliders enhance the beauty of your home design while providing natural light and fresh air.

Outstanding Thermal Efficiency

Properly installed sliding windows should improve the thermal efficiency of your living space. However, this will only happen when you use the right brand of slider windows. High quality windows like the EnergyMax® brand have been designed to make your home more energy efficient. The frames have thermal insulation that prevents external heat or cold from coming into your home. Similarly, the glass has been specially treated and glazed to provide UV protection and thermal insulation. That is why EnergyMax® is the brand of choice for many homeowners and builders. It provides energy and electricity cost savings that will eventually help you to recover the cost of installing this high quality slider window.


Sliding windows can add functional, aesthetic and economic value to every home. They fit easily into a wide variety of home designs, provide great external views, and offer better ventilation that most of the other window designs. Installing a premium brand like EnergyMax® will provide additional benefits such as durability, thermal and energy efficiency.