Ridge Top Exteriors – Storm Restoration Guide

Larry GebhartHello,

My name is Larry Gebhart, and I am the President of Ridge Top Exteriors, Inc. I’ve been in the home remodeling and exterior restoration business for longer than I can remember sometimes; nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed pretty much every moment of it. I’ve gotten a great deal of satisfaction from helping people out after they’ve had a major weather event blow through their town.

We’ve assisted over 6,000 homeowners, churches, and businesses with their restoration projects, and are not too shy to say; “We’d like to help you, too!”

My staff and I have seen about every conceivable mess that you can imagine; from scammers stealing people’s money to incompetent contractors using inferior materials and less than honest insurance companies denying legitimate claims. Through it all we’ve guided folks just like you through the seemingly endless maze of paperwork, regulations, codes, material choices, and compliance issues.

I’ve put this guide together because I’m tired of seeing good people being taken advantage of simply because they didn’t have the basic knowledge needed to make an informed decision. So, whether you elect to use us or not, we’re confident you’ll make better choices after reviewing this guide.

Feel free to download additional copies for your friends, family, and co-workers here.

Thanks in advance for allowing us into your home.


Larry Gebhart

Larry Gebhart